The Gotland Color

Gray fleece, solid color with shading allowed, no distinct patterns or spotting. Fleece color ranges from light silver to dark charcoal. Head and legs are generally solid black. Lamb birth coat is black, becoming gray within several months. Small white markings on head, legs and tail are accepted but discouraged.

The Gotland Wool Difference

Fleece is fine, long, lustrous and dense with clearly defined curl and staple, soft to the touch. It is typically 29 to 34 microns in diameter at 18 months of age, as measured midside at the last rib. Lambs wool is typically in the low to mid 20’s micron range.

Gotta Have Gotlands!

Solid colored head generally free from wool. Bold eyes, alert medium sized ears set slightly above horizontal. Small, neat and straight muzzle with even jaw and teeth set squarely on the pad. Both males and females are generally and preferably polled.

Easy Temperment

Border Leicesters are generally calm and easy to handle, even though they are very aware of their surroundings. A pleasant surprise for many is the gentlemanly disposition of Border Leicester rams.

Leicester Wool

Border Leicester wool is long enough that they can be sheared once or twice a year. The clean head and legs makes them an easy to shear breed. Ewes average 8-12 lbs of wool annually.